Saturday, December 19, 2009

10/12/09 Meeting Recap

So here are some things we talked about at the meeting:

GAB an Independent Study
-Kelly Carlson-Reddig got back with me about GAB being an independent study and says it sounds plausible.
KCR said that she would need to review a complete proposal. We would need a committed faculty member, develop a concrete set of outcome requirements, and a form needs to fill out.
So, if anyone wants to work on that, let me know.

GAB on-campus organization
-I will be working on the paperwork for making this an on-campus Organization. There is not much to do for it.
I got a bylaw form we can tweak for our chapter, we have Kathy Boutin-Pasterez as our mentor, and we just need to fill out a form as well.
me and vershaƩ plan to work on that and if anyone else interested/has experience, let us know.

GAB Fundraising
-we are still desperate for ideas, but I have attached a pamphlet people can give out to your friends and family. They gave me the wrong pamphlet and I had to reformat to work for us. It's a Word Document, so everyone can edit it for their personal information (personal greetings, contact information, etc.) It is supposed to be double-sided printed also.
On Saturday of that week, we had a conference call with GAB and had a presentation of fundraising ideas from schools that worked well.
I can put the powerpoint up on the website later this week. I am also going to email KCR to email to all SOA faculty in hopes of creating interest/help.
Again, if anyone has any fundraising ideas, please let us know and we'll try it out.

GAB Date Rescheduling
-It doesn't look realistic to schedule the 1st visit during spring break. The amount of time left until then doesn't seem enough to raise the money. So we are thinking when school gets done. A possible date for this is two weeks after Spring Semester (end of may-beginning of june). This is still an open-ended date, though we should figure out a date for John Cunningham/Charlie Lang.

GAB Question
-Some questions that were risen from the meeting were:
=what flexibility do we have for the cost (meals, transportation, airfare, etc)?
=How do we actually get client? are they waiting for a sponsor?
=Can we get detailed information about where our money is going (we are having issues of transparency with the group on this issue)?
=Can we talk to local Panamanian universities to assists us (resouces, labs, codes issues, etc)?
=Can we make this 1 trip instead of 2 trips? (we talked about since the price was so high, if we can reduce the cost and quicken the process)
I am waiting to hear from Charlie Lang (East Coast Chapter Coordinator) for the answers to these question, and will put on the blog.

Well that's it right now, I know that's a lot to take in. I am definitely working over the break on this and keep you all to informed.
If there is any questions, please don't hesistate to ask and anyone wants to help (we need more officers in the group), let me know.
Hope to hear back from you all (feedback is always welcome and lets me know someone is actually reading these emails).

Cheers and Happy Holidays
Joey and Spencer

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